A brief note on my title

Deciding what to name this blog was much harder than I expected. I wanted something clear and logical. The name needed to broadcast the content in an explicit manner. I knew that autistic mothering would be the backdrop to my writings. How could I show that in a snappy title?

I decided that the words autistic and mother had to feature, and started playing with the words and variations. Mum, mummy and mom were quickly set aside, my son calls me by my name, and whilst I am his mother, I don’t feel like a mum, mummy or mom.

Coming up with anything original in the Internet era feels impossible. Every good name seems to be taken. I was drawn to ‘mothership’ as a concept, but there is an American special needs website using this name. Autisticmotherland came next. I like it as a single word. It reads differently when you separate the words.

For me, the name signifies two concepts which I hope will form this blog. I will be writing about autistic mothering, from the perspective of an autistic mother parenting an autistic child. I am hopeful too that I can use this platform as a way to show how late diagnosis can change a life. My journey as an autistic woman is only just beginning, but already I have a sense of having found ‘my people’, a virtual motherland, populated by other women like me.

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